Lulu is a very cute cat... and this is her story in pictures. She is loved and pampered but gives back evey inch of love she gets.

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Magical no Love Potion

And here we had a problem! Lulu would not stop destroying the wardrobe my grandmother decorated with fur... more than 30 years ago! Oh terrible terrible Lulu! 
I tried to say bad cat! Chase her off! But the moment I’d turn there she was nibbling the fur... 
I tried to buy a domestic animal repellent at a shop... I was more repelled than she was!
Luckily now we have internet! The place with all the answers! Turns out cats have a lot of smells humans love, so here is the potion I brew in a little pot... eheheheh:
Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, and a red hot chili pepper! After boiling and siphoning, I added lavender oil... oh oh you should see Lulu run!
I put the potion in a chinese spray bottle, sprinkled the wardrobe and voila!!!
And so far Lulu hasn't devoured it... let's see for how long =P!


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  1. Hm.mmm my cat hates the smell of lemon! And chili, too, I think, made a great mixture there ;)